Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Don’t Trust Your Insurance Provider!

A recent family tragedy has opened my eyes to the cold hard reality of the inadequate nature of Disability and Life Insurance in South Africa.

I feel that some as yet unnamed insurance companies have walked all over my family and taken advantage of them as I guess they do with lots of other people… but this time they hurt the wrong family.

As a SEO and Social Media guru with several websites and blogs, I have decided that I need to share this information with as many people as possible and create an awareness campaign.

This blog will be the headquarters for the campaign.

The following is an excerpt of the true story that I will be sharing with the world here;
When we informed our family GP of the issues we were experiencing with my mother’s disability cover, she told us how she and her husband (also a doctor)had signed up for similar cover, but once they received the printed policy documents and reviewed the limitations, they immediately cancelled the policy. If only we had known, we could have looked for a more inclusive cover, or at least not wasted all that money paying for an Insurance that didn’t cover any of the 3 Severe Illness that my mother had suffered with.

It’s too late for my  family, but it’s not too late for yours. 

I recommend that you take a long hard look at the small print of your Disability and Life Insurance cover and also that of your parents.  Pay special attention to the Severe Illnesses that your insurance will not cover and the limitation to your Physical Impairment Benefits.

Over the next few weeks and months I will be compiling information and publicly asking insurance companies to justify their fine print and limitations. I will also share the story of how inefficient and uncaring corporations and big business have almost destroyed my family.

So keep coming back and help me fight for your rights!